transactional work & Drafting

         trans·ac·tion –  /tranˈzakSH(ə)n/  

           :the act or instance of conducting business or other dealings; esp., the formation, performance, or discharge of contract

      Built for success.  

The corollary of being great litigators is that H&P is great at transactional work.  Because we are tasking with dissecting and interpreting contracts in court, we know exactly what provisions will be (and will not be) enforceable.  This gives us a keen edge in drafting agreements that will be in our clients’ best interest. 

Just a few areas of transactional documents we provide are as follows:

      • partnership agreements
      • employment agreements
      • buy/sell agreements
      • non-solicitation agreements
      • non-compete agreements
      • non-disclosure agreements
      • licensing agreements
      • intellectual property agreements  
      • trade secret agreements
      • management agreements
      • corporate governance agreements
      • real property agreements
      • settlement and resolution agreements
      • severance agreements
      • commercial and residential leases
      • miscellaneous business agreements

The above is just a few different types of transactional documents we are frequently tasked with drafting.  Chances are that even if it is not listed above, we will be able to help you.  In the rare chance that we cannot, we will be able to point in you in the right direction.


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