litigation and trial

       lit·i·ga·tion – /lidəˈɡāSH(ə)n/ 

           :the act, process, or practice of settling a dispute in a court of law; a legal action or proceeding (such as a lawsuit)

       Most play checkers.  We play chess. 

At H&P, we are experienced trial attorneys.  What this means is that we are comfortable and confident in actually litigating cases and taking them to a verdict.  Whether it s a jury trial, bench trial, arbitrator, or  other form of dispute resolution, we have the means and ability to successfully represent our clients from start to finish.  We thrive at it.

While most of our opponents play checkers, we play chess.  We carefully plan for all alternative scenarios, and devise a trial strategy that makes sense for our specific client.  We are not afraid to think of unconventional solutions to achieve our client’s goals, and we are quick to modify paths when the unexpected arises.   It is not uncommon for clients to find us after using other attorneys in order for them to realize what they should have known from the start:  they should have come to us first.


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