ap·peal –  /əˈpēl/  

           :a proceeding undertaken to have a decision reconsidered by a higher authority; esp., a lower court’s decision

       The art of persuasion.                        

If the trial court was always right, there would never been a need to have an appeal.  Indeed, one would expect that all appeals would result in failure.  Such, however, is not the case.  

No matter how good the trial court may be, there are oftentimes errors that necessitate an appeal.   At the trial level, H&P is able to lay the framework to ensure that, if the trial court gets it wrong, an appelate court will agree to reverse the case.  On the same token, we are able to have to the foresight to avoid technical errors to ensure that if the other side appeals, they will lose.  

When it comes to an actual appeal, H&P is able to hone into the issues that are most important to an appellate court to result in our client’s goal– whether it is to reverse the lower court, or sustain the lower court’s decision.  


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