At H&P, we are lawyers located in Atlanta, Georgia, that take the legal profession seriously. We recognize that the law is important and serves as a fundamental cornerstone of civil society. It can serve as a shield, to protect you when inequity strikes, or as a sword to puncture through injustice.

We do not take every case, and we are selective about which cases we do take. We are hands-on with our cases, and our attorneys work intimately with our clients. Unlike other firms, we do not farm our cases to paralegals or support staff, glance and stamp our signature on a few documents, and send you a bill. When you call us, you will speak to an attorney or one will promptly return your call.

We are committed to providing outstanding representation and zealous advocacy. You can call us before a transaction, to help ensure that no problems arise, or call us after something goes wrong so that we can fix it. Whether you are a single individual or a publicly traded international corporation, H&P can provide exceptional legal services and we will tailor our services to meet your needs.


Yasha Heidari

Yasha Heidari
Attorney-at-Law and Founding Member